Waugh Bridge Bats

One of the best “free live shows” in Houston is the display of the Waugh Street bridge bat colony.  Every evening, as the sun sets behind Buffalo Bayou, the colony which is estimated to have somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 bats leaves the shelter of their home under the bridge.  The flurry and flourish of their departure is witnessed just about every evening by watchers who typically gather on the bridge.  Fear not…the bats are gentle and harmless although you should not try to touch the bats as they may carry disease.  Houstonians love the bats since their favorite meal is mosquitos, which we also have in abundance.  The colony population is at its peak in late August so if you can bare the heat and humidity this time of year you will see the most dramatic display.  It’s impressive at any time, though so get out to the bridge and check it out!  I’ve included a Youtube clip to give you an idea, but video just can’t do the experience justice.  If you find the experience incredible and moving, then the next time you’re in Austin be sure to check out the bat colony at Travis Lake which blows Houston away with a colony population of over 1.5 million!


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