I’m in with the Brunch Crowd-Beaver’s

As we mentioned in Part I of our Houston Brunch series, we will be introducing you to a different Houston brunch spot each week for the next few months.  Check it out!


It doesn’t get more laid back than the Beave.

Served Sunday from 11 to 3

A revamped traditional Texas Ice House with Monica Pope’s (if you don’t already know…I’m a huge fan of Monica’s) flair for new, local and unique.  The menu changes from time to time.  One of our current favorites is the Spicy Wangs and Waffle.  Three BIG crispy, spicy-sweet wangs sit atop a vanilla infused waffle.  Also try the down home biscuits and gravy probably better than grandma used to make.  Our favorite drink at Beaver’s:  The Forecast made from habanero infused vodka and mulled cucumber.  Prices range from $10-$17, or go “on the cheap” with their “Taco Truck Crawl” menu.


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