Hou-nique: Texas Junk Company


With Rodeo season just around the corner, we thought it only appropriate to start off our series on unique things to see and do in Houston with a good pair of worn in cowboy boots.  Seriously…you really can’t go to the Rodeo if you aren’t wearing cowboy boots.  I swear….they won’t let you in!  So, if you’re like a lot of Houstonians and are not really from Houston or anywhere near it, you may want to check out the Texas Junk Company.  Unless you are a “used-shoe-a -phobe” you can likely find the perfect pair of cowboy kicks…the used look of the boots only giving your attire a little more credibility.  The place in general is a bit like the refuge of all the “free stuff” you leave on the curb after a garage sale.  The folks inside are down-home Texan with LOTS of personality so its worth the trip just to hang out with them.  The organized chaos resides in a corner “warehouse”  located at 215 Welch.


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