Food Truck Tours: Eatsie Boys

I’m a big fan of the taco truck.  Taco trucks have long been a fixture in the Houston area, although some of the best ones are not in the best of neighborhoods.  I know I have my favorites with the traditional taco trucks (which I will be sharing on a later blog spot), but I wanted to start exploring the more “nouveau” trucks that are mimicking similar truck dining movements in other cities.

My first truck stop:  Eatsie Boys located semi-permanently at The Agora Coffee House, 1712 Westheimer in the Montrose area.  I say move over holy cow, for the holy pig has arrived in the form of the Pork Snuggie.  Snuggies, thankfully, come two to an order.  Picture this:  pork belly blanketed on a fluffy asian bun, not overly-sweet hoisin sauce and balanced perfectly with a little green onion and pickle.  I had ordered  my food to go (also got the Eggman sandwich because it’s served on a challah (holla!) roll).  Fortunately Ryan (one of the owners) suggested I enjoy my snuggies right away, so I did.  Wow!  The only bummer here is that I am trying out new places all the time so as much as I would like to get a snuggie fix every day, I can’t.  See the sacrifice I make for you, my dear reader?

I saved my Eggman for later.  It reheated very well, leaving the challah still spongy and fresh.  Being a fan of the swine as you’ve probably figured out, I ordered mine with bacon but you can also order it with chicken poblano sausage.  Another home run for the Eatsie Boys!

The Eatsie Boys menu features fresh, local produce and the menu is subject to change. Although you can find them a lot of the time at Agora, check out their tweets for location and hours updates.  Wednesday night is a great time to catch them at Agora because then you can also hang out and watch the belly dancers.  You can also book them for an event and catering.  If you’re driving down Westheimer and you see the truck open do yourself a favor and stop!

I really hope these guys make it…the food is awesome and Matt and Ryan are sweethearts (I haven’t met Alex, but I’m sure he is a sweetheart, too).  Unfortunately, the life of a food truck can be tenuous, so get there NOW.  Let’s make sure these boys stay in business so I can continue to get my snuggies.

Please post a comment and let us all know how you like some of the other menu items!


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