Food Truck Tours: H Town StrEATS UPDATED

So the weather finally cooperated and I got to hit another food truck this week.  I found the H Town StreATS truck in the parking lot next to the Inversion Coffee House on Montrose.  The menu selection was great with somewhere around 12 offerings that ranged from fried avocado tacos to Korean BBQ cheesesteak.  I asked for a recommendation and was told to try the fish ‘n chips.  I also just had to try the Monte Cristo balls as I’m a ham for the Monte Cristo (my sincerest apologies for the terrible pun).  The balls come 3 to an order and they are quite large, so I found it a bargain at $3.  Plus, they were absolutely yummy with an awesome raspberry coulis generously dolloped on the bottom.  I also went for the fish ‘n chips.  The fish tasted very fresh and fried up tempura style.  The remoulade that came with it had a healthy dose of what tasted like Old Bay (love) although just a tad on the salty side for my taste, but not so much so as to prevent me from ordering it again.  This being my second “truck stop” I am realizing that I am loving the truck trend that is taking hold in the City.  StrEATS does not have a website up yet, but you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter for updates.  Keep on truckin’!

UPDATE:  Although I will never use this blog to disparage, I feel that it is important to be transparent in my reviews.  After much anticipation of trying the fried avocado tacos, I went back to H Town StrEATS today.  Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed on my second visit to the truck.  I see the potential for the tacos to be awesome as the slaw served on top and the great selection of hot sauces would assure this.  However, the avocado was so unripe to the point of being hard that it pretty much ruined the experience.  I have also been known to say that there is no such thing as a bad truffle/parm french fry.  Again, I was disappointed as the fries were way undercooked and any essence of truffle was undetectable.  Sorry, StrEATs guys!  I am still looking forward to future visits as my first one was very rewarding.  Please pay attention to the details to ensure your product is yummy for all.  I really would love to have the avocado taco again, so long as the fruit is ripe.


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