Wabash Feed Store-“A Little Bit of Country in the Heart of the City”

I LOVE a good dichotomy.  When you see this place, you won’t believe you’re in the heart of Houston.  Living in the area of the Wabash myself, I had driven by so many times without even knowing it was there.  The Wabash Feed Store has been in business since the turn of the century (20th, that is…not 21st).  Don’t let the name fool you…you need to drop by and just experience this quirky little place located in the booming Washington corridor, across the street from El Tiempo Mexican Restaurant.  Even if you don’t have cattle or horses to feed, or don’t really dig on garden art, there are lots of things to see and buy.

This is such a great place to take the kiddos, too.  They have a huge array of animals from standard fare dogs and cats, to chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and more!  Personally, I love the chickens and miss hanging out with them like I used to on my sister’s farm, so Wabash is a great place for me to spend time with my poultry pals.  The Wabash also features a farmer’s market every Sunday from 11 to 3 and a good enough reason to go to the market is that Slow Dough Bread Co. sells their wares there!

ASIDE:  If you’ve had to-die for bread at a Houston restaurant, there is a good chance it came from Slow Dough.  They DON’T have a retail storefront, so your only chance to buy it direct is at one of the Farmer’s Markets that Slow Dough participates in…like the Wabash on Sundays.

With all of the great restaurants now in the Washington area, you should swing by after your meal and just take a look-see.   Once again, I manage to tie in food to a blog….surprise, surprise.


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