Update: Houston Farmer’s Markets: City Hall

What a total bummer that just after a very successful launch, the City Hall Farmer’s Market (part of the family of the Urban Harvest Farmer’s Markets expanding to new locations all around Houston) endured back to back Wednesdays with miserable weather.  But, bad weather never lasts and fortunately it was a beautiful day this Wednesday to finally go and check out what all the buzz is about.  The crowds also returned and it looks like the new farmer’s market might be a huge hit!

Probably what makes this market the most unique is that it’s not so much about buying carrots and beets as it is about a great mid-day outdoor dining experience.  I only saw a few booths set up to sell veggies.  The rest of them (probably about 30 vendors) represented some great bakeries, cheese vendors, boxed lunch offerings from some of Houston’s great restaurants, and of course the ever expanding trend of the food trucks (check out my blog series on Food Truck Tours for reviews).

I kind of envied all of the downtown workers milling about, enjoying the weather

Mayor Anise Parker

Mayor Anise Parker

and a ton of great food.  What a way to break up a work day, and have an affordable, delicious lunch.  Almost made me want to go back to work for “the man” just so I could work downtown and hit City Hall each Wednesday.  Almost.

Something important to note:  try to get there early (they open at 11).  I arrived around 12:30 and found several of the vendors already sold out (Eatsie Boys and Ruggle’s Green to name a few).  No worries, though as there were still lots of great options from crepes, to quiche, to tamales or a fabulous roasted chicken.  Each of the restaurant and catering vendors offered some great boxed lunch options.  Make sure you do a “once-around” of the market before making your final decisions as there is a ton to choose from.

The Frosted Betty Bake Shop truck was also in attendance (yeah!), so I finally got a chance to sample their wares for dessert.  I went for the chocolate salted caramel, but they had such an interesting menu that I must go back for more (see my blog spot on Frosted Betty for more information).


One response to “Update: Houston Farmer’s Markets: City Hall

  1. Love this site! I will definitely check out the Farmer’s Market – didn’t know it existed! Thanks for finding these little gems in our great city!! 🙂

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