I’m in with the Brunch Crowd-Max’s Wine Dive

Creme Brulee French Toast

Served Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM and Sunday from 9 AM to 3 PM

$3 mimosas (orange or grapefruit)

The very first thing you will notice when entering Max’s Wine Dive, and in my opinion is a very good thing, is the scent of truffle, the flavor of which is incorporated into several of the wonderful creations at Max’s.

The menu features options not found anywhere else, such as the Eggs MAX:  Texas toast topped with prosciutto, sautéed petit greens, black truffle cream gravy and two poached eggs.  Or, the RVP:  red velvet pancakes topped off with a lemon cream cheese frosting (read: ” Yes, you can have your dessert for breakfast!”).

Wings 'n Johnny Cakes

Our feast for four included the fried egg sandwich (3 perfectly fried eggs drizzled with truffle oil, then layered with 3 slabs of apple wood smoked bacon, gruyere, and a black truffle aioli, on artisan sourdough), with a side of hand cut truffle chips.  Add to that the above mentioned french toast, the fried chicken which we’ve heard is really incredible and was named America’s Best Fried Chicken 2010 by Travel + Leisure magazine, and the chicken fried steak (which would not be Max’s version without it being smothered in truffle gravy).  Our review of all four dishes:  outstanding, outstanding, outstanding, and outstanding.  The collard greens served with the fried chicken were so good that even my finicky 5 year old inhaled them.  The service was great and they made sure our mimosa’s stayed full.  They are changing some things on the menu come March 1, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Red Velvet Pancakes (RVP)

Max’s likes to pride itself on being “an upscale dive bar.”  We got there around 11:40 and were seated at the last table available.  If you haven’t been to Max’s before, the space isn’t too big so seating can be limited, which actually adds to the allure. The design concept is an open kitchen so you can watch all the action. I like open kitchens myself, as it gives me comfort to know that the chefs and cook staff know we’re all watching everything that’s going on (even if we aren’t).  To show your appreciation to the kitchen, the menu offers an option to purchase a 6 pack of Lonestar for them. Very clever, and although not a bargain at $15, is a nice way to recognize the kitchen for a job exceedingly well done.  Also nice to know:  if you like to brunch with a larger group, they do have one incredibly huge booth that looked like it could seat about 16 or so comfortably.  The place was a bit noisy thanks to the crowd and the small space, but not so bothersome as to dissuade me from going back again, and again, and probably again.


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