Food Truck Tours: Frosted Betty Bake Shop

On to the next food truck…..finally the weather cooperated for me to check out the Houston City Hall’s Farmer’s Market held on Wednesdays (I’ll be updating my blog post on Houston Farmer’s Markets to tell you more about it).

There it was in all its frosted gloriousness:  The Frosted Betty Bake Shop truck.  Who’s not loving the big cupcake trend?

It was tough to pick one as the selection was broad and had some very eclectic options.  I worked it down to two:  chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting, or the pistachio cardamom.  I went for the former and it was scrumptious.  The cake, as you would want it to be, was spongy and moist and of course, very fresh.  The frosting hit the perfect balance between the sweet caramel and sea salt (I’ve tried some of the other salted caramel stuff that’s suddenly all over the sweet scene and sometimes found the combo discordant with too much salt).  A few days later I hit the truck again, at their new storefront location in the Heights and got the pistachio cardamom.  Another cupcake home run for the Betty.

Here are a few more options that are on my must-try list (love the fact that Frosted Betty has just moved from Katy into my own neighborhood in the Heights):  green tea basil and the strawberry balsamic.  They also offer vegan and gluten-free options.

You can check out their Facebook and Twitter updates for their daily locations, or you can order your own in advance.


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