OK Fitness Extremists: Warrior Dash is Coming UP!

If you think plain old marathons are just plain old boring and want a little more drama added to testing your physical limitations, you may just be a WARRIOR.  Get down and dirty at the upcoming Warrior Dash in Conroe, Texas on March 19 and 20.  Registration ends March 7, so you don’t have much time!

What is Warrior Dash?  Well….it’s described as “A mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run from hell!”  It includes team competitors…many dressed in outlandish costumes, as well as individual competitors.  Costumes are encouraged, and there is also a prize for the best one! Competitors are separated by age divisions, so you 40-somethings won’t lose your helmet competing against a 20-something…or vice-versa.  The course can be extremely treacherous, so make sure you’re really up for it.  Events are held all over the US, as well as Canada and Australia.

If you’re a fan of the Hashers or the Japanese show MXC, this event is right up your muddy alley.

Check out the Warrior Dash website for full details, and by all means, share some pics with us if you compete!

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