Hou-nique: The Art Car Parade and Museum


The spirit behind the Houston Art Car Parade and Museum feels a little more like liberal Austin than conservative Houston, which is probably why it is one of our city’s best loved events…we love showing the Austin-ites that we can be hip and cool, too!

Side Note:  For those less familiar with the cultural parrying of these two Texas cities….Austin’s banner phrase is “Keep Austin Weird.”  In response, someone else coined “Keep Houston Corporate.”   Touché.

The Art Car Parade first rolled the streets of Houston in April, 1988 with 40 cars and about 2000 spectators.  The parade now features over 250 vehicles (anything on wheels will do) from as far away as Canada and over 250,000 come to watch!  This year the parade is scheduled for May 22.  A good stretch of Allen Parkway just west of I 45/Downtown is closed down for the event and with the popularity increasing every year, plan to get there early for a good spot.  You REALLY don’t want to miss this one.

The Art Car Museum is  open free to the public, open Wednesday through Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM.  The museum is located off Heights Boulevard just south of IH 10.


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