Food Truck Tours: The Rolling Hunger

So my sidekick Em and I were out and about today and just happened upon a new truck in town!  Of course, we had to make a truck stop.  The Rolling Hunger food truck was parked at Inversion Coffee House in Montrose.  You can’t miss it…big and orange truck enveloped in a delicious aroma.  They have a very cool concept of menu items that showcase and blend Houston’s Vietnamese, Mexican, and Korean (although they don’t plan on limiting themselves to just these three).

We split the banh mi (traditional Vietnamese sandwich typically with chargrilled pork and crisp, fresh veggies on a French baguette) and the Korean shortribs.  We got there just in time, as they only had one banh mi left.  I considered for a moment that getting the last of anything could be disappointing, but it was so scrumptious that it gave me a ton of faith that these guys were only going to serve really good food.  The shortribs  were well marinated and just the right amount of charred gristle, topped with a generous sprinkling of sesame seed.  Both items were served on a very fresh baguette.  The thing I liked about the baguette was that it was very long and skinny.  It wasn’t too big to get every delicious bit in one bite (keep it clean, people).  I hate a sandwich that I can’t get a whole bite in due to its gynormous bun.  I also liked the fact that it was fairly “neat” to eat, unlike some of the other food trucks fare we have tried.  They offered two condiments:  Sriracha and their own creation made from cilantro, avocado, onion, garlic and other herbs which I sadly forgot to put on my sandwiches before departing (like I need a reason to go back, but the sauce is definitely an added plus).

Just like some of the other gourmet food trucks popping up around town, you can’t beat the value for the selection and quality.  I am so happy about the truck movement, and Rolling Hunger just adds to that happiness.

The Rolling Hunger truck is the creation of Kwang Pyon (K.P.) and Yonathan Sadikin (Chewy) who share a background in the restaurant industry, having worked over the last several years for Uptown Sushi and Bluefish (K.P. as manager at Uptown Sushi and General Manager at Bluefish, and Chewy as a sushi chef for the last eight years, back house manager for the last four).  Their philosophy (which is one near and dear to my own ideology) is Keep It Simple, Stupid.  The guys felt like this was the right time/right place to go out on their own.  They make sure they place their truck where it is highly visible.  They position themselves in great locations including late night venues around the Galleria/Uptown and will also be on hand at the upcoming Drink Fest on May 21.  They are making sure that they will be on hand at great daily locations including Dirk’s Coffee House and other small business locations.  The best way to keep up with where they are and where they will be is to  follow their Facebook for daily locations and times.

I read that they were getting ready to add truffle fries.  I will go back and try them, but just want to say to Rolling Hunger to please do them right!  So many places offer awesome truffle fries these days that you definitely want to do them right, or don’t do them at all.  I used to say that there was no such thing as a bad truffle fry, but sadly I was mistaken when I had them recently at another place.  I’ll let you know what I think, but given my first experience I am looking forward to the next round.


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