New Installation at Buffalo Bayou Art Park

If you’ve driven down Studemont near Allen Parkway recently, you have probably noticed a stunning collection of serene beings perched along the edge of Buffalo Bayou.  This is the newest installation to the public outdoor art space located near downtown.  The Buffalo Bayou Art Park has officially been in existence since 1997, although it traces its history back to a grass roots start in 1987.  The BBAP operates as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) and is working to expand its installations throughout the greater Houston area.

So more about the newest addition…

Representing cultural tolerance and harmony, seven stainless steel figures (representing each of the seven continents) emote a tranquil aura.  The construction of each continental figure contains the alphabets of nine languages.  It is intended to convey that despite our cultural differences, we are all human and we need to embrace all that we have in common.  The inspiration behind this newest installation is tragic. Channel 13 reported the story of David Ritcheson, who at the age of 16 endured a brutal and violent attack that was determined to be a hate crime.  David was unable to live with his trauma and sadly ended his life a year later.

Because of its diverse cultural population, Houston has the opportunity to demonstrate to other cities and countries how to successfully blend a community that actively embraces its diversity.  It seems to me this is the most important message of the new artwork.  In any case, it is a beautiful piece of art and kudos must be given to philanthropist Mica Mosbacher for raising the money for this project.


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