Houston Restaurant Weeks is BA-ACCCKK!

Since 2003 Houston Restaurant Week has grown in popularity, thus now becoming Houston Restaurant WeekS (don’t ask why they didn’t just rename it Houston Restaurant Month…it’s a long and snarky story).  In fact, last year it was so popular it got extended for a few extra weeks!

So, what is it exactly?  In short it’s a month-long food fest that benefits the Houston Food Bank and allows Houston diners to take advantage of some great deals. Diners get to enjoy  eating at some of Houston’s favorite restaurants (currently the list is over 125 participating restaurants) while supporting the Houston Food Bank.  Participating venues offer 3 (or sometimes 4) course dinner menus for only $35 (2 course lunch menu for $20 is also an option at some locations).  $5 from each reservation goes to the Houston Food Bank ($3 from the  lunch).  According to Brian Greene, CEO of the Houston Food Bank, each diner at one of the participating restaurants will provide 15 meals for a hungry child or adult in Southeast Texas.  Since the event’s inception, they have raised over $900,000 to help feed Houston’s hungry.

You can check out all of the participating restaurants and preset menus at the Houston Food Weeks website.  It can be a lot to read through so to give you some ideas, here are my top pics based on the menu and/or  the value (some of these restaurants are downright expensive on any normal day).  I’ve even linked each restaurants HRW menu to make it SUPER easy for you…

BTW, reservations are required!

RDG Bar Annie-they are offering for HRW lunch, dinner and brunch menus each with multiple options in each course.  Plus, the dinner menu is four courses AND represents a great value based on what you would normally pay.  Not to mention that they really do have great food.

Restaurant CINQ at La Columbe d’Or-On any other night, $35 wouldn’t get you an entree, let alone 3 courses.  Plus, I am intrigued by the Watermelon Gazpacho in course 1.  Again, they are offering multiple options per course so a little more variety.  Did I mention Strawberry Creme Brulee with aged balsamic???

Churrasco’s  I love Brazilian food because I am addicted to chimichurri sauce.  BUT, the thing I like most about their HRW menus are the add on options which allow you to do a little custom ordering (for a fee, of course) and they offer a trio of their dinner entrees as a course selection.

Haven is offering lunch, dinner and brunch menus with multiple course offerings including several vegetarian options.  I also think they have one of the more eclectic menus both for HRW as well as any other time.

Mark’s is another incredible value compared to what you would normally pay.  AND, the dinner main course has duck, steak, and seafood choices as well as a “Trio” entree that sounds amazing.  They are also offering a lunch menu for HRW.

Perry’s Steakhouse is one of my pics because I believe that their famous pork chop is probably the best form of pig I’ve ever eaten, and considering you would normally pay $30 just for the pork chop on any other day makes this a GREAT time to finally check out the chop for yourself!  And just another note on that chop:  I can eat a LOT, and the Perry’s pork chop can easily cover 2-3 meals for me. Another added plus are the multiple locations.

The Oceanaire from the looks of it has the most selections per course so a lot of variety if you’re dining in a larger group.

Please, please, please….if you visit any of the event restaurants,  share with us your experience!  I wouldn’t be surprised if this year’s event gets extended.


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